Krypton Racing SAE 10W-60W

 PAKELO KRYPTON RACING SAE 10W/60 is a high performance fully synthetic lubricant, specific for latest generation car engines.

Krypton Racing SAE 10W-60It is the result of long-term experience developed during numerous races and continuous scientific and
technological research.
The product efficiently protects the engine in different working temperatures and guarantees a safe and
reliable application also under the most severe working and climate conditions.

PAKELO KRYPTON RACING SAE 10W/60 is formulated with selected high quality base stocks and
exclusive additives that confer to the product high detergent, dispersant, anti-oxidative, anti-corrosion, antiwear and antifoam properties.
Furthermore the use of thermally stable Friction Modifiers additives reduces friction and working
temperatures, supporting a prompt reaction of the engine and turning the functioning smooth and uniform.
The special synthetic base stocks used reduce oxidation and formation of carbon residues: this enables

PAKELO KRYPTON RACING SAE 10W/60 to provide extraordinary anti-oxidative properties and to avoid
formation of deposits also with presence of high working temperatures.
The low volatility of synthetic base stocks results into a very significant reduction of oil losses due to

PAKELO KRYPTON RACING SAE 10W/60 thus provides extraordinary resistance to thermal changes and
oxidation, avoiding formation of deposits on valves and keeping the engine clean.
Furthermore, its great fluency under the most severe cold climate contidions guarantees easy and safe
start-ups at very low temperatures and reduction of wear risks to minimum, providing superior reliability.

PAKELO KRYPTON RACING SAE 10W/60 improves protection of all modern engines also under the most
severe working conditions and it can be used even in modern cars equipped with post-treatment devices.
The product shows mixability with all the lubricants for the same application.
However, we recommend to avoid mixing it with other products for not undermining its exceptional

PAKELO KRYPTON RACING series is available in several multigrade Viscosity Grades.
The choice of suitable Viscosity Grade should be done taking into consideration Constructor’s
recommendations, kind of engine, climatic and working temperatures, need for more performance or
reliability, etc..

Application fields

PAKELO KRYPTON RACING SAE 10W/60 has been studied for gasoline engines of latest generation
cars, also turbocharged with high supercharging pressure

It is particularly indicated for sporty and racing engines working at high revs and/or highly rated, also in
extreme climatic conditions.
Thanks to its characteristics, PAKELO KRYPTON RACING SAE 10W/60 can also be used in Diesel and
turbodiesel engines of modern vehicles and earlier generation engines.
Application fields
The additive package used enables, in the set Viscosity Grades, to meet the following

Performance Levels:




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